Why Custom Lanyards Are Ideal Giveaways

By | July 6, 2017

Although the word lanyard originally meant a rope used to adjust a sailboat’s rigging, but the term is now commonly used to describe simple neck wear. The typical lanyard is a cord or strap that is worn around the neck and includes a clip designed to hold a variety of items. Because lanyards are inexpensive and useful, many businesses now order promotional styles and hand them out to employees and visitors. The trend is popular because event lanyards become long-term advertising tools and people love getting them as gifts.

Lanyards Provide Ongoing Advertising

Although businesses still rely heavily on media advertising, many now use promotional products to improve results. Lanyards are one of the most popular, especially for special events. Businesses often hand them out to visitors at sporting events, conventions, local publicity events and holiday festivals. They can have a greater impact than traditional media advertising because those who get them actually receive something in return for their interest. Since lanyards can be adapted for many uses, they provide ongoing advertising, often for years.

It Is Easy to Customize Lanyards

Businesses also choose lanyards as giveaways because they are easy to customize. Suppliers offer a wide variety of styles that can be imprinted with almost any logo or information clients request. Some common products include eco friendly, applique, safety and woven lanyards. There are also custom styles that are available in a variety of price ranges. They include pet, plant silk, flat nylon, polyester and dye sublimated products. Each product can be ordered in a range of brilliant colors and clients may choose from various attachments.

Employees Like Getting Lanyards as Gifts

Custom lanyards also make wonderful employee gifts. They are effective badge holders that allow workers to display their I.D.’s without having to pin anything to their clothing. Companies often hand out a variety of lanyards as morale boosters. Many are designed for specific purposes like holding pens and USB drives. The handouts are welcomed by employees, who often adapt them for personal uses.

Simple lanyards designed to be worn around the neck make ideal promotional items. They are easily customized to include company information and logos. Lanyards are popular giveaways because they include attachments that allow wearers to conveniently carry items like badges, pens and USB drives.